it's what we do best.

With Over a Decade Of Experience, Cashtown Metals Is The Most Established Metal roofing, panel, and accessory manufacturer in west gA.

Our selection of panels, trim, and accessories can be made to order for whatever your project needs are. We also keep a number of items in stock for your grab and go needs.

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Panels, trim, and accessories made to order for you.

Cashtown Metals offers a wide selection of quality metal roofing, siding panels and custom trim all available in durable finishes with energy-saving cool colors. We have the ideal products, colors and finishes to complete your project. From long life screws to ridge caps, Cashtown Metals can supply all your metal roofing and building needs.




We Provide Everything You Need for a Stress Free Project

Precise Manufacturing

Our team knows what theyr'e doing! You can always expect the highest quality items from Cashtown Metals.


We carry a wide variety of color options along with textures such as Galvalume and a stylish Crinkle Finish.


There's no need to be planning months or even weeks out. If there's something you need, we get it fast!

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Established Reputation